Dan Levine - Lead Vocals and Guitar


Dan is Miami born and raised. He attended Blue Lakes Elementary, Glades Jr. High and Southwest Miami High schools in his youth. Dan first started playing guitar at 13 and formed his first band "Phases" with his Glades Jr. High classmates. Dan would tow his amplifier behind his bike to the drummer's house for band practice steering with one arm and his guitar in the other. Phases quickly fizzled. Dan was not sad.


Dan attended the University of Florida in the late 80's and continued to collaborate with other musicians just for fun. It was during college Dan became known to many friends as "Maverick" for his fun-loving antics. After college, Dan continued to play guitar over the years, but was primarily focused on his career in public accounting and a great deal of partying. Eventually, partying gave way to starting a family and also a new career in homebuilding.


When the economy crashed in 2008, Dan and some of his real estate colleagues formed the appropriately named band "Subprime" which would become Dan's first taste of the late night music scene. Dan played guitar (and sang a bit, too). Subprime was a highly energetic, but volatile concoction that would only last a couple years; nevertheless, Dan became hooked on making music and would quickly find a new fix—The Vibe.

With the Vibe, Dan continued building his repertoire on the guitar and singing, as well. Thanks to some talented band mates, The Vibe tasted much success as a local cover band over a couple years, but also was not meant to last forever.

Fortunately, when one door closes, others open and in late 2013, Dan met Ron (Derrick) at a charity gig featuring their respective bands at the time and they planted the seeds of what would become "Cutler Stew". By early 2014, Cutler Stew was gigging regularly all over South Dade and that tradition continues today.


Dan feels fortunate to be part of the local music scene. He is grateful for all the awesome band mates he has played with over the years, all the friends and fans that come out to support him and live music in general and, most importantly, his wife, kids and folks who have always encouraged Dan to make the most of his love for music, people and the community.