Ralph Fiol - Bass Guitar

Just the Bass Player

Raf (a/k/a Ralph, Rafa, Rafael, Rusty, "R") plays the bass. He sometimes tries to sing a bit, but Ron quickly turns down Raf's mic. IRL, Raf is a software guy. He loves it. He studied Computer Science at the University of Florida a long (long) time ago. He created Kompoz.com a few years ago, which is now the largest online music collaboration platform, with over 500,000 tracks uploaded and 90,000 members. If you're a musician, try it out.


Raf plays a black-and-white Fender American Standard Jazz bass. On stage, he plays through an Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 bass head, and a TC Electronic K-212 2 x 12" Bass Cabinet. Attached to his mic stand is a custom Cutler Stew 3D printed cup holder of his own design, which he stocks with cold Corona (Corona Light if he's feeling bloated).

Early Life

Raf was born in a small fishing town in South Florida. Locals call it "Miami". At the age of 6 months, while wandering alone in the woods reflecting on his purpose in this world, he became lost. He feared he would become yet another lamentable feral child case. He did. Fortunately, he was adopted by a friendly wolf pack. His formative years were spent with the pack, a lazy bear, and a singing orangutan. It was from the bear and orangutan that he gained a deep love and appreciation of music. Raf is often quoted today as saying "music is a bare necessity of life."