Ron Derrick - Lead Guitar

Who is Ron?

Ron (a/k/a "Daddy-O", "Cool Cat", "The Man") plays lead guitar. The others in the band try to be like him but they just cannot seem to figure out his formula of awesomeness. He's ok with that. His main job, other than playing really mediocre guitar, is controlling Raf's mic as to not allow him to feel as though he is actually a good backup singer. IRL, Ron is just "The Man" -- that's really a full time job but he still manages to find time to be part of the Stew, which the boys really appreciate.


The Man plays many "ladies" but his favorite is “Ms. Bigsby", a special Gibson SG made especially for his vigorous playing style. Some of his other girls include “Leslie", a traditional Gibson Les Paul (probably his sexiest but please don't say anything to Ms. Bigsby!). Then there is Juanita, his sweet Mexican Fender Telecaster. And of course Loretta, his voluptuous Black American Fender Strat. This is really all he can disclose in fear of his wife finding out he owns more than 4 guitars. His daughter Kamryn finds it amusing that he names his guitars and wonders why they are female, but since she is only 11, Ron feels that she just wouldn't understand. He also likes his amps, like he likes his fruits, which explains the heavy “Orange" amp he plays through. It is probably the heaviest piece of gear the band owns. Also, its really really loud which pisses Dan off most of the time.

Early Life

So his mom and dad were at this party, and Barry White came on the radio (you know "that song"), and then there were fireworks and stuff and KABAAM! And you probably think that 9 months later there was a baby named Ron who came into the world but no, it was "The Man!" Doctors and the media were baffled at that and thus the saying "how legends are made" was born. Oh, and that is the real meaning of the term "Baby Daddy" in case you were wondering.